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The Oberufer Shepherds' Play

Thursday, December 21, 6pm, in Sophia Hall

In appreciation for your dedicated support through the year, the Summerfield faculty cordially invites you to enjoy the free annual community performance of The Oberufer Shepherds' Play. This play originated on the island of Oberufer in Austria. The inhabitants performed it annually, preserving and passing it on from generation to generation as a sacred treasure. Performances were traditionally given in country inns, and players as well as spectators entered the establishment in a heartfelt Christmas mood. The play alternates scenes of reverence and devotion with ones of coarse, rural humor. It presents a picture of the Holy Child's birth, but the images could apply to all of humanity.

Students will see the play during the school day, but everyone is welcome to attend the free evening performance. The play is a lot of fun and quite touching, and the content is appropriate for all ages. Summerfield faculty and high school seniors have been practicing this play for the past six weeks to present it to our community. The audience will be able to enjoy guessing, as do the students, which teachers and students play which characters in the cast.

Eat first at home, then please come to see our play and join us in holiday celebration on Thursday, December 21, at 6pm in Sophia Hall. There will be a finger-food reception following the performance. Please bring easy-to-eat items, savory or sweet, to share (nothing involving a plate!). Willing helpers for set-up and clean-up would be much appreciated! Please contact Donna Stusser to volunteer: rootsandshoots@summerfieldwaldorf.org.

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