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Advertise with the Messenger

The Messenger is generally published the second or third Thursday of the month starting in September and running through to the end of the school year in June (please note detailed calendar below).

The monthly Messenger is mailed to all SWSF families, as well as emailed to over 1000 extended family, alumni and friends.

Advertising opportunities are also available in our weekly mini-messenger, which is emailed to families every Monday, except for the weeks the monthly Messenger is published. Advertising in the mini-messenger is the same cost no matter how many Mondays your ad is published--two Mondays is the same as four, for example. Changes to your ad mid-month are not encouraged.

For inclusion into either Messenger, please submit your ad material or text to messenger(at)summerfieldwaldorforg. In addition to the text of the ad you wish to run, include your name, address and contact phone number, and the issues in which you would like your ad to be run; or fill out the Ad Request form located here: Ad Request Form

Ads will not run until payment is received. You may pay by check, (made out to SWSF,) or Credit Card. via email (messenger(at)summerfieldwaldorforg), fax (575-7673), or phone (575- 7194, x104).

Monthly Messenger Deadlines: The publication dates, along with the deadlines to get ads into the monthly Messenger, are:

(Subject to change)

  • Issue 1: 9/13/2018, Deadline: Friday, 9/7
  • Issue 2: 10/11/2018, Deadline: Tuesday, 10/2
  • Issue 3: 11/1/2018, Deadline: Tuesday, 10/23
  • Issue 4: 12/13/2018, Deadline: Tuesday, 12/4
  • Issue 5: 1/17/2019, Deadline: Tuesday, 1/8
  • Issue 6: 2/14/2019, Deadline: Tuesday, 2/5
  • Issue 7: 3/14/2019, Deadline: Tuesday, 3/5
  • Issue 8: 4/11/2019, Deadline: Tuesday, 4/2
  • Issue 9: 5/16/2019, Deadline: Tuesday, 5/7
  • Issue 10: 6/4/2019, Deadline: Thursday, 5/30

mini-messenger Deadline: The deadline to get ads into the mini-messenger is by noon on the first Monday of each month, but we will make every effort to include ads that arrive mid-month. Please email to find out possible options. Usually, there will be no mini-messenger sent out during school breaks.

Rates and Specs

Text Ads 

  • Monthly Messenger: $20/mo for approximately 40 words
  • mini-messenger: $30 for the entire month (3 to 4 issues)
  • Special--Monthly & mini: $40/mo


  • Monthly Messenger: $60/mo
  • mini-messenger: $70/mo
  • Special--Monthly & mini: $80/mo

Graphic ads may be submitted in pdf or any image format (jpg, png, etc.) Size is approximately 3.5"w x 2"h at 300dpi. 

1/4-page graphic advertising may also be available at an additional charge; please contact Adam at messenger(at)summerfieldwaldorforg.

Please note: Ads will not run until payment is received.