655 Willowside Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Ninth Grade - Polarities

Main Lessons

Tragedy and Comedy


Chemistry-Organic Compounds

History through Art

Counting Theory

American Literature

Biology-Comparative Anatomy

Physics-Thermodynamics and Electicity

Earth Science-Geology


Ongoing Courses

Mathmatics: Algebra l

Humanities: Freshman Composition, Far East, Civics, Les Miserables

Language: Spanish l,ll,lll,lV and German l,ll

Art: Black and White Drawing, Clay Sculpture, Blacksmithing, Black and White Block Printing

Drama: Improvisation and Speech

Eurythmy: Major/Minor, Expansion/Contraction, Pitch

Music: Vocal or Instrumental

Gardening/Farming: Grafting/Pruning, Health/Nutrition, Herbal Studies, Farm Construction

Physical Education

Electives: (last quarter only) Drama, Creative Writing, Sports, Electronics, Cooking, Painting, Philosophy, Permaculture, Photography, Yearbook, Honors History, Honors Spanish, Debate