655 Willowside Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

High School Program - Grades 9-12

Summerfield Waldorf High School provides a diverse curriculum emphasizing academics, critical thinking, and artistic expression.  All within the context of developing individuals who are ready to meet the rapidly progressing global changes of our time.  Students graduate prepared for college, as well as other life choices, and go on to work in a variety of fields.  Click here to view the Summerfield Waldorf High School look book for a preview into the culture of our school.

At Summerfield, students engage in a comprehensive study of a variety of disciplines, including science, math, humanities, foreign language, music, drama and the arts. While the four years of high school together form an integrated whole, the curriculum of each grade is tailored to address key stages in adolescent and post-adolescent development. The content of the courses offered each year focuses on giving students an increasingly in-depth understanding of the subject at hand and provides them a context to work with the awakening questions of the emerging self.

Summerfield is accredited by both the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The courses offered meet the University of California's admissions requirements. Our students consistently rank among the highest in SAT scores for Sonoma County and attend the college of their choice. High standards of academics, critical thinking and independent research serve to help students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in post-secondary education, and life beyond, at a variety of levels.

We invite you to get to know the high school better.  The following are a few opportunities in place for this year:

Attend the ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE - November 7th, 10 am - 1 pm. Join us for this fun, interactive,and informative event hosted by the high school faculty and current SWSF students.

Spend a day with us - Shadow Appointments for 8th graders are available Mondays through Thursdays. Your student will be paired with one of our Student Ambassadors who will guide them through a typical day in the life of Summerfield. We do our best to match students with similar interests so let us know a bit about what intrigues your 8th grader.  Arrival time is at 7:45 am and pick up is at 3 pm. Lunch is provided.

What to expect: Every day begins with a Main Lesson experience. Following this period, some days might find your student experiencing a math, humanities or foreign language class. While other days an art or music class may be the focus. We look forward to Shadowers spending the entire day with us. Thank you for coming to experience the high school program at Summerfield. 

To schedule: Contact Amelia Miller, the High School Receptionist, at 707-575-7194 ext. 108 or Amelia@summerfieldwaldorf.org.