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2016-17 Financial Assistance Process

Financial Assistance is available for kindergarten (5-day program, only)  through 12th grade. These financial assistance grants are based on financial information submitted by parents. The total amount of financial assistance funding is determined by the Board of Directors and is set at the time of drafting the operating budget for the school year.  The report we receive from FACTS is an additional tool for our Financial Assistance Committee to use in meeting our intention of awarding financial assistance grants in the most objective way possible.

Click here to download the Financial Assistance Application Instruction form for the 2016-17 school year.

If your family has a student in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and is exploring the private school option for the first time, you may also look into scholarship availability through The BASIC Fund, www.basicfund.org.  The BASIC Fund is a separate fund from Summerfield's financial assistance program and offers scholarships based on its own criteria.



Important Dates to Remember: 

August-May: Tuition collected

March 10, 2016: Annual Place Holder Deposit Due (*Applied to first tuition payment due in August)

June 1, 2016: Annual Supply Fees Due