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Class Three Market Day, March 2010

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Excited chatter abounded as the doors to the Third Grade classroom, er, Store, opened, and the room filled to the gills with eager buyers.  Inside, one found a menagerie of items, including what seemed to be an endless amount of baked goods all frosted and iced, as well as pencil holders, personalized folders, bookmarks, hot and cold libations, home-made trail mix, and, as advertised, ?beeswax things and clay things?, of course!  We were even entertained by minstrels! Cold-hard cash flowed between vender and buyer, each counting back to ensure the right amount had been given.

A great time was had by all, but the best time may have been had by the visiting teachers, who returned to their classroom with their students full of?.frosted and iced baked goods!

10th Grade