655 Willowside Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Dan Westphal

Board Secretary

Dan Westphal, has lived and worked in Santa Rosa for the last 20 years. He is a parent with a daughter in Twelfth Grade. He has been involved with the school since his daughter transferred into Kindergarten.

Dan was born and raised in Northern California where he spent his childhood summers on Fire Towers with his family in the Mendocino National Forest and the Tahoe National forest. With no electricity and other distractions he learned to entertain himself and became an avid reader.

Dan went to private school along with his two older sisters. He will always remember the importance his parents placed on education and the sacrifice they had to make for that to happen. He continues that dedication to his daughter's education. After moving to Napa County in 8th grade, he spent the school year helping his father build a house. Through high school and college Dan worked in construction paying his way through high school and helping pay for his college. With his construction skills, Dan spent several spring breaks in Mexico and New Mexico helping to build medical clinics and schools. He left Northern California for Michigan, where he studied and received a Bachelor of Architecture from Andrews University, a small Liberal Arts College.

After college Dan came to Santa Rosa where he interned and received his Architect's license. He spent 12 years working up from an intern, to a Project Architect. Here he learned the importance of planning and project management in bringing a persons dream into reality. In 2000 Dan co-founded O'Malley Wilson Westphal-A/E Alliance, a full service architectural firm located in Santa Rosa, where he is CFO.

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