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Renate Lundberg

Renate Lundberg, teaches Eurythmy in the High School and to Classes Seven and Eight. She was born in Holland as the fifth child of a family physician, and went through two years of kindergarten and 12 years of Waldorf School. Ten years of working as a nurse in different hospitals taught her a lot about people and herself, and after that she traveled though Europe, doing massage courses and working in different Health Clinics. As the climate in hospitals became ever less what she was looking for, she decided to do the eurythmy training in Holland.  The 5 1/2 years of training brought great joy to Renate, and also taught her a lot about herself and human interactions.  Since that time she has been teaching in Waldorf Schools in Holland, Canada (Vancouver BC), Minneapolis, East Bay (California) and Seattle. Her love of the outdoors has been greatly satisfied by meeting ever new surroundings and climates, as she explored them with her husband and their two big Malamutes in kayaks, on bicycles, with backpacks or on skis. She hopes to find a way to continue to inspire and be inspired by middle and high school students again, and find a way to make eurythmy accessible and helpful as a support to the curriculum.



Infant and Toddler Classes

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Grades 9 to 12