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Now Scheduling - High School Shadow Visits

Appointments available October 1st - January 15th

Shadow Appointments for 8th - 11th graders are available most Monday’s through Thursday’s, beginning in October. Your student will be paired with one of our Student Ambassadors who will guide them through a typical day in the life of Summerfield. We do our best to match students with similar interests so let us know a bit about what intrigues your student.  Arrival time is at 7:45 am and pick up is at 3 pm. Lunch is provided.

What to expect: Every day begins with a Main Lesson experience. Following this period, some days might find your student experiencing a math, humanities or foreign language class. While other days an art or music class may be the focus. We look forward to Shadowers spending the entire day with us. Thank you for coming to experience the high school program at Summerfield. 

To schedule: Contact Amelia Miller, the High School Receptionist, at 707-575-7194 ext. 108 or Amelia@summerfieldwaldorf.org




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