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Root, Shoot and Fruit: Cultivating Imagination in Childhood

Thursday, March 22, at 7pm, Sophia Hall

We’re delighted to welcome prolific Waldorf author Douglas Gerwin (editor of Trailing Clouds of Glory: Essays on Human Sexuality and the Education of Youth) for a keynote guest lecture on the topic of childhood imagination.

“Children typically go through three major phases along their path of development, starting with birth and early childhood, passing through the elementary years, and culminating with puberty and adolescence. During each of these developmental phases they learn in radically different ways, partly for reasons of their changing physiology, partly because of their maturing inner life. 

Today children at each of these stages are encountering new and growing obstacles—physiological but also psychological and spiritual—to their particular ways of learning. What are these modern-day obstacles and how can we as parents and Waldorf teachers help children overcome them?”