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Financially Supporting a Summerfield Waldorf Education

Waldorf education is founded on a commitment to freedom. Independence creates the possibility the teachers need in order to meet their students as individuals. This requires the support of everyone in the community.

Waldorf schools were originally intended to be independent of the state and its requirements of regulating educational goals and standards. To achieve this aim, Summerfield operates out of a financial model that recognizes tuition is more than just a bill paid for services rendered. We view financial support as a choice parents make to be involved in providing nourishment for this unique community. Summerfield's board and faculty are deeply committed to keeping the tuition low so that all who want to attend can. As a result, 50% of all families currently receive some form of financial aid. Through a process developed over the years, and using specific formulas, the community members who make up the financial aid committee engage in a transparent conversation about what each family is able to pay towards tuition costs so that their children can receive a Summerfield education. Thus the choice to be part of Summerfield is a commitment to each member of the community--to upholding the freedom of the teachers to build a living education, and to ensuring the future potential, growth, and successes of each and every student.

Tuition, Annual Fees and Tuition Assistance 2019-2020


Tuition is due and payable in full on August 1 every year.  SWSF will allow families the option of paying the tuition in ten monthly installments via FACTS, beginning in August and ending in May. 

Annualper Month (Aug - May)
Preschool (2-day)$5,600$560
Preschool (3-day)$8,500$850
Preschool (5-day)$13,500$1,350
Kindergarten (4-day)$14,500$1,450
Kindergarten (5-day)$15,500$1,550
Grade 1$15,500$1,550
Grades 2 - 8$16,950$1,695
Grades 9 - 12$21,000$2,100

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are available as follows for Kindergarten through 12th grade: 5% of tuition per child for 2 children; 10% of tuition per child for 3 or more children.

Annual Fees

Annual, non-refundable fees offset the costs of registration, classroom and practical arts supplies, books, performances for the students and the farm program. Fees are due June 1 for the coming school year. 

Preschool (2-day)

Preschool (3-day)$450
Preschool (5-day)

Kindergarten (4-day)

Kindergarten (5-day)

Grade 1

Grades 2 - 8

Grades 9 - 12

$1,600**(includes open week fee)
Emergency Preparedness Fee: $10 (one time, per student, upon enrollment)


Other Costs

Annual Giving Campaign: Summerfield's financial structure incorporates a planned gap between tuition and the actual cost of this education. That gap is intended to be covered by our Annual Giving Campaign. This gap can be covered if each family contributes 10% of their annual tuition (the same as one month's tuition payment) as a tax-deductible donation. A donation to our Annual Giving Campaign may be included in your monthly FACTS payment, paid by check, cash, stock, or as a pledge payable in installments. In addition, we encourage all families to convert their sibling discounts to an Annual Giving Campaign pledge at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment. We recognize 10% of tuition is not feasible for all families-any contribution is greatly appreciated!

After-School Program: After-school care is offered from 1:00-5:30pm for students in Kindergarten - 8th grade. A registration form with a daily schedule, costs, and payment instructions can be accessed through online enrollment.

Miscellaneous: These may include instruments and music lessons, field trips, after-school activities, sports teams, and high school elective choices. Teachers may also recommend tutoring, external consultations or services at parents' expense.

Financial Assistance

In an effort to keep our community socio-economically diverse, we strive to accommodate all requests for financial assistance. We award about 50% of our families with just under $1 million in assistance each year. Award amounts are based on assessment of a family's financial picture, including income/expenses, assets, family size, and other factors. Our Financial Assistance Committee reviews all applications and makes financial assistance award decisions annually. Beginning December 1 of each year, one may apply for financial assistance via Summerfield's website at www.summerfieldwaldorf.org. Under the QuickLinks section of the website, parents will find detailed instructions and relevant links needed to apply for financial assistance. Financial assistance grants are announced in conjunction with decision letters.