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International Student Application Checklist

Part One: 

For grades 1 through 6 fill out the Student Application for the Lower School.

For grades 7-11:

  1. Take and/or submit English language test scores (TOEFL, iTEP-SLATE, IELTS, or ELS 109 certificate) Our TOEFL school code is B703. In general we recommend the iTEP-Slate test because it is shorter and quicker to schedule. For middle school students (grades 7 and 8) we only recommend taking the iTEP-Slate. The iTEP-Slate can be scheduled all over the world. Please go to https://www.itepexam.com/ We also do iTEP testing on our campus. Please contact the ESL coordinator to schedule a test date or if you have questions about English proficiency tests.
  2. High School students submit Supplemental Questionnaire for International Applicants.
  3. Fill out the Student Application for the Lower School or High School.
  4. Submit translated copies of foreign academic records. For grade 9, please submit translated copies of transcripts or reports from grades 7 and 8. If applying to grades 10 or 11, please use a transcript evaluation service such as http://www.acei-global.org/ and get a comprehensive report. 

Part Two: 

You will be contacted by the Admissions Director or ESL Coordinator to schedule an initial in-person or Skype interview. 

Part Three: 

You will be contacted by the Admissions Director to schedule an initial in-person or Skype interview with the Class Teacher or Class Advisors. 

Part Four: 

Upon acceptance to the school, submit the following:

  • Proof of immunizations
  • Visa Form
  • Field Trip Release Form
  • Proof of financial capacity to pay full tuition
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Parent and Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form (High School)
  • Agent Appointment Form and proof of homestay arrangement (If a high school student is living with host family)