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International Student Program FAQs - Lower School

1. Do you admit international students for the spring semester? 
No. It is important for students to get to know their classmates and follow the flow of the school year. 

2. Do you admit students for fall semester?
Yes, we do. Students who meet our International Student Program criteria and can demonstrate all the necessary components of their eligibility into the program can apply and be accepted for a fall start date. 

4. Do you accept students that do not come from a Waldorf school?

5. What are the language requirements for each grade in the lower school?

1st-4th   No test requirement.

5th-6th   Assessment by ESL Coordinator and Class teacher.


 iTEP Slate 








The iTEP-Slate and TOEFL Jr. test are available world-wide. See their websites for test information. We recommend the iTEP-Slate because it is appropriate for middle school students, its widely available and a test can scheduled very quickly. We also do iTEP testing on site for a small fee ($45). Please contact the ESL coordinator if you wish to schedule a test date. 

6. What does the interview process involve?
There are no language requirements for grades 1 - 4. Students applying to grades 5 and 6 should be able to speak some English and will be assessed during an interview with the ESL coordinator and class teacher. Students applying to grades 7 and 8 should be able to read and write in English in addition to oral competency. In addition, these students MUST be accompanied by at least one parent who is able to stay for the full school year. This parent must demonstrate that they will be able to obtain a student visa for him or herself, a work visa, or possess a green card. Then the student and parent must meet with the ESL Coordinator and a Counselor for an initial interview either in person or through video chat/Skype. If that interview goes well, the student will have a second interview with the class teacher. 

7. How many students do you accept per year?
We will accept no more than 4 international students into a class. Ideally, international students enter the class in pairs so that our program can better meet their needs at an appropriate age level. 

8. How much are the tuition and fees for international students for 2017/2018?

Grades 2-8: $25,605                           

Grade 1: $24,005

9. Can my child stay with a host family?
Only high school students may stay with a host family. Lower school students in grades 1 to 8 MUST be accompanied by at least one of their parents who is able to stay for the full school year on either a student or work visa, or who possesses a green card. 

10. What is the cost of rentals in the area?
Average housing costs for 12 months in 2016 for two adults and a child in an apartment was $18,898. Housing in a single family home will be higher. For more information, please see http://livingwage.mit.edu/counties/06097

11. Do you provide health insurance for international students?
No, we do not. Students and their families are responsible for organizing and renewing health insurance for themselves. 

12.   Do you offer ESL classes for international students?
Yes, we do. We have a program that supports students in a minimum two-year ESL program. This includes 3-4 times a week course for the first two years in adapted English and cultural integration. Additionally, international students are required to have one-on-one English tutoring at least twice a week unless they can demonstrate language capacity that meets the expectations of Summerfield’s student standards to participate fully in its regular classes. 

13. What is the deadline for application?
We are currently accepting applications.